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Use these words in place of “VERY” for better speaking impression

Hi, this is TechMario, Your online tutor on various topic regarding govt exams. I assure you, a better outcome if you follow me for 30 days. Thank me later.

List of Words to replace VERY with more accurate word to make day to day conversation impressive

Words to replace VERY in everyday life: In this article i will teach you list of words to use instead of very, in everyday life to make an impressive conversation. This way your English will look more attractive and effective to summarize your saying in fewer words. So lets learn these words and replace very in our usual conversation with better word. Remember “Less is MORE”replace very

For example, If you are saying “Exam for Govt job is very competitive” so here your are using word “very” which emphasizing the level of competition which is high and tough to go through. so instead of using very competitive we can use the word cutthroat.

List of Words to replace VERY in everyday life:

  1. Very Creative -> Innovative
  2. Very Tired -> Exhausted
  3. Very Stupid -> Idiotic
  4. Very Quite -> Silent
  5. Very Exited -> Thrilled
  6. Very Confused -> Perplexed
  7. Very Dirty ->  Filthy, Squalid
  8. Very Dry ->  Parched
  9. Very Competitive -> Cutthroat
  10. Very Colorful -> Vibrant
  11. Very Annoying -> Exasperating
  12. Very Cute -> Adorable
  13. Very Slow -> Sluggish
  14. Very Loud -> Thunderous
  15. Very Crowded -> Bustling
  16. Very Big -> Massive
  17. Very Small ->  Tiny
  18. Very Fat -> Obese
  19. Very Dangerous -> Perilous
  20. Very Wise ->  Sagacious
  21. Very large ->  Colossal
  22. Very Cold ->  Freezing
  23. Very Tasty ->  Delicious
  24. Very Beautiful ->  Exquisite
  25. Very angry ->  Furious
  26. Very Fierce ->  Ferocious
  27. Very Weak ->  Feeble
  28. Very Good ->  Superb

I’m done with the list i had, to replace VERY word in everyday talk. I will keep updating this list. Meanwhile you can memorize this list and start using them in your everyday talk. Remember there is only one way you can improve your English,Which is, you need to speak and interact in English as much as possible. There are other solution by which you can learn and improve your English but speaking with other and interacting in English is very more effective so far.

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